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Custom Training Plans

You can find thousands of free training plans on the internet. But how do you know which one might be appropriate for your unique needs and goals as an athlete? We are not cookie-cutter humans, and we don’t sell cookie-cutter training plans. An Axes custom training plan includes a consultation with your coach to learn about you as a person and an athlete. Then we provide a training plan for your event based on your specific abilities, goals, experience, and schedule. Then you are on your own to execute the plan for your event.


Custom training plans range from $199 for 8-12 weeks, $299 for 13-18 weeks, and $399 for 19-24 weeks. Learn about our coaches here.


Ready to get started?

Not sure what you need?

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to talk to a coach about your options.

Meet the Coaches


Brad Johnson, Head Coach

With 17 years of coaching experience, Coach Brad is committed to helping you achieve new levels of performance.

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