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Our Team

The Axes network of coaches has a breadth of experience that goes beyond standard certifications to create personalized, holistic, athlete-centered programs tailored to your specific abilities and needs. Our collaborative team-based approach prioritizes athlete needs over individual coaching relationships. We are committed to your goals and intentions for your athletic performance and how that fits into your life. Whether you are interested in learning a new sport or are going for a BQ or a podium spot, we have coaches that can help you get there.


Brad Johnson

Founder & Head Coach

With nearly 20 years of coaching experience, Coach Brad is committed to helping you achieve new levels of performance.


John Rhodes

Endurance Coach, Para Sports Coach

Coach John is USAT Level I Long Course and USAT Level II Paratriathlon Coach as well as a Registered Nurse. 


Alison Steiner Miller

Endurance Coach

Coach Alison enjoys helping athletes of all levels reach their goals and exceed their own expectations.


Nate Buttrick

Endurance Coach

Coach Nate is a passionate coach and a former professional triathlete with an impressive resume in both areas.

Axes Services


1-on-1 Coaching

We provide detailed daily training (generally on a weekly basis), based on the analysis of your performance data, and unlimited communication. 

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