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1-on-1 Coaching

The gold standard of endurance coaching, this gives you the full attention of one of our coaches, whom you select. We provide detailed daily training (generally on a weekly basis), based on the analysis of your performance data, and unlimited communication. From sweat tests and race-nutrition planning, establishing training heart rate and power zones, managing recovery, and developing race strategy, our athlete-centered approach is designed to cover everything you need along your journey, with your coach right by your side. You can interview as many of our coaches as you wish to find the best fit for you. We use the Training Peaks platform to plan and analyze training, and your monthly fee includes a premium account. 


Our coaches have varying monthly rates based on levels of experience (ranging from $199 - $299 per month). Learn about our coaches here.

Ready to get started?

Select a coach to sign up as a new athlete and begin your Axes 1-on1 Coaching journey!

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Not sure what you need?

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to talk to a coach about your options.

Meet the Coaches


Brad Johnson, Head Coach

With 17 years of coaching experience, Coach Brad is committed to helping you achieve new levels of performance.

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