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Off-season priorities: strength training and ???

Once the triathlon season is over, we often spend time trying to figure out what to do next! The end of the season is a great time for reflection on the previous year, and looking ahead to the next year.

It can be a boon to both your physical and mental health to try something new. Trying new things builds new neural pathways in our brains, and often strengthens different muscles and tendons that contribute to our overall health. And let’s face it: it’s fun! Maybe you want to try off-road cycling… skiing… pickleball… hiking… or obstacle course racing? (And if obstacle course racing is your pick, watch your inbox for a free intro training plan from Axes coming soon, or reach out to me directly!) Whatever sparks your interest, take advantage of your off-season and give it a try!

Whether or not you decide to branch out, a good progressive strength training plan is always beneficial in the off-season. The science has proven that strength training helps prevent injuries by strengthening muscles and connective tissues; it can increase bone density (which is especially important for female triathletes) and correct muscle imbalances; and it helps maintain muscle mass that is lost through the aging process. It can also make you faster and more resistant to injury!

The off-season is an ideal time to increase strength training while training volume is down and there is more free time to dedicate to the gym. Building a solid foundation during the winter months will allow you to better handle the pounding that training puts on the body. No matter what your goals are for next year, utilizing this time to increase strength, and in turn power, will pay dividends for the upcoming season.

CLICK HERE to download our free 8-week Off-Season Strength Training Program, or talk to your coach!


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