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Axes Endurance Club

Join our team!

The Axes Endurance Club is an engaged group of athletes and coaches nationwide, who come together both locally and virtually to learn, grow, train, support, race, and celebrate each other. We have members across the country, and a large contingent in our Charleston-area home base.

We welcome all endurance athletes, from newbies to elites. We believe all athletes can learn from each other, no matter their age or ability. The team is made up of athletes who are coached by Axes, by someone else, or not at all. No matter where you are on your coaching journey, if you agree with our belief in sport as an enabling force for good in our lives, there’s a place for you in this community. 

Club benefits include:


  • Membership in a closed members-only Facebook group, where members can engage with each other, ask for referrals and offer advice, coordinate local training together, connect with others who will be at your races (click to view Club races), etc.

  • Monthly virtual coaching clinics on a variety of topics  (click for 2023 clinic schedule)

  • Monthly virtual Coach Q&A sessions to ask coaches – and other athletes – anything on your mind

  • Workout Wednesday – We’ll give you a special (coach approved!) run workout each Wednesday

  • Discounts on Axes services (custom training plans, swim analysis, lactate threshold testing, InBody analysis, etc.)

  • Sponsor benefits from our local and national sponsors

  • Swag - a free club T-shirt and other goodies


Annual club dues are $100. Axes coached athletes get a free membership included in their coaching package. If you are a club member and you decide to sign up for Axes coaching, we’ll waive your start-up fee.

Ready to join us? Click here to sign up: